if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

06 February 2007

k shall post abt wad happen today..earli in da mornin..mr ang told us abt sex thingy..not tt interested cuz i was damn sleepy at tt moment.den el lesson..omg..i damn hate mrs ramesh..she kept lecturin us say n say n say n say..bth larh..den last 10 or 15 mins.she like gave up..den tok properly to us..but i din listen..cuz i was writin chem notes prepare for da test..lol..

den chem test..ok..quite easy....aft tt jiu geo test..okok lor..duno will pass onot..lols..den aft tt waited for jiaxin den took cab tgt..while we were waitin for cab outside..rachel oso wan hail a cab too..we scare she snatch cab wit us..so ask her let us go first..den we kept waitin for cab..suddenly jia xin damn high..hold my hand v tight..den i jiu say..jiaxin dun hold..my leg pian..actually i wanna say my hand pain..but i said wrongly..lols..aft tt we saw a cab..den driver stop..den suddenly tt cab drove away..scare mi houyee n jiaxin la..wth lor..but behind still got cab..so we took cab..reached..sbc..watched e match..den naval base de coach kept hiie wit mi..duno wads wrong wit her mind larh-.-..so i did hiie back..lols..den we went to sit..n we start to anti xueli..while she came n sit wit us,we will move up n down...den aft tt mi jia xin n houyee walked away..mich actualy wanna follow us de..but xueli pull her back..watch finish match ler..den play ball awhile..aft tt jiu go home tgt..den walk pass kopitiam..saw coach..n he treat us makan n drinks..den xue li v high ar..hahas..

makan finish ler..ah bao coach long bang us to ang mo kio mrt station..den got one refree oso go wit us..but he drop down at sumwhr near tech ghee pri sch..took mrt back home..den in da mrt sth happen..2 secondary sch girls was bein rude..sayin bad thing abt tamil ppl....den this tamil auntie..was holdin e metal rod of a mop..she purposely push the rod n made e rod fall onto e gurls..it wasen heavy at all la..den e 2 gurls shout damn loud in da mrt as they scare e rod hit them..damn stupid la..quite lot of ppl laugh....tink this is e punishment for ppl hus bein rude..lol..

nw im back home ler..n zf came home too..lols..jus came back from thailand..n last saturday i was kdin wit her tt must buy my present..din expect she realli did bought..thks anw..ahhahas..btw..although i duno wad happen.u dun sad la..nex tym c mi ler den tell mi lor..


shall end here..n nex tuesday..sumone brin mi out to play..omg im gonna die..cuz i promise i will meet mao to buy present..shitty hell nw-.-..tink i'll stay at home ba..ahahas..kdin..

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