if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

10 February 2007

k..im damn dead beat nw..-.-..woke up earli in da mornin today..reach eunos 1 hr earli..n sat there wait for them for 2 hrs..omg..butt rot alr..reach there..c them play..startin it was okok..pts was goin up n down..but last few quarter..score has been pulled by vj..so they lose by 18 pts or less..sumwhr ard there..

match over..they chat abt goin rp or wad sch..spent alot of tym tinkin n chattin..so waited for them..den outside e sch..dey chat abt e trgs agn..when i was goin to rot there waitin for them,they say went to parkway to makan..n i told them i got sth on..so i was tinkin wanna cab down to orchard to c kai n jeremy they all play onot..den i rmb afternoon i still nidda go out shoppin..so i cab back to admiralty n slp for few hrs..den at 1pm meet frenz n down to bugis..i was damn tired at tt tym..so i jus shop till 4 plus..n nw im at home..finally..

din buy much things..cuz im not a gud shopper too..ahahas..

n wa..baoling wanna find tou,shou to che mi liao..lols..kinda funni n cute larhs..lols..let her b ba..since she wanna play..LOL..im off to haf a nap..


i know that i care about you ... at 17:19

` here.waiting ;