if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

08 February 2007

stomach gettin better..no nidad kept goin to toilets ler..phew-.-...if not i sure got toilet phobia sia..yesterday midnight kept goin toilet..makin mi cant slp well..den this mornin forgot tt i cant drink milk..den i go drink..n continued my journey to toilet-.-..heng in da afternoon better ler..den went for checkup..aft tt came home..den in da evenin dad bring mi go buy new yr clothes..bought one s&k jeans n 2 tee n a nike shoe orange colour quit nice..tee is l.p zone one wit sleeveless n one wit sleeve..tink quit nice larh..hahas..den mum kept commentin on wad i bought..quite pek chek n let her go shop herself-.-...suddenly dad look aft newphew till hed felt giddy..not e first tym animore..i tink cuz of high blood presure if not over work..we were quit worried for him so decided to go home earli..

this is my thursday..

n yup..im not angry abt it animore..but i must realli say sth if not i felt uncomfortable..

k..firstly..i din find ani excuse to skip trg..if i nva rmb wrong..e last 3 trg i skip is bcoz i wanna look aft my mom as she admited in hospital n e other 2 is im sick..is tt call as a excuse?..n pls find out e reasons liao den say mi can?ya i agree im devoted last tym..but this tym although im not as devoted as last yr but it dosent meant i show no interest in MY CCA animore..n i DIN treat trg as nth..n for quittin.its for cher n sch to decide not realli u..

first..if i show no intrest in my cca,I WONT B GOIN FOR ANI TRG N I WONT B PLAYIN FOR THIS YR..
second if I TREAT TRG AS NOTHING,i wont b workin so hard for it..n this yr northzone i will anihw play..

im tryin my best to concentrate on every trg i had..n im tryin to work hard for my best..but do u think of my feelin when u are sayin all this..u knew nth n u simply send tt msg..i not sure if u may think its nth..but did u think for players feelin?jus like when u trust ur teammates so much n others jus simply use one msg n hurt u..although nw im alrite n not angry abt u..but i realli wan u to noe tt u misunderstood everything..think before u do n not do before u think..i alr respect u ler..wad u wan mi do?it isn fair for mi..

both of us work hard for e match..everyone makes mistakes..even if u did a small mistakes u will wan others to forgive u n not hate u foreva rite?no one is perfect n perfect is nth....pls respect others feelin n stop all those comments..if u not tired of it im alr v tired of it ler..im not pushin blames to anione but pls know wad i felt..

e feelin isn gud if u got e same thing as mi..its all a STRESS..get it..im gettin myself to settle down n tryin to change my bad attitudes,cant u jus give mi or others a chance..even if u did sth wrong i did give u a chance,but wad u gave mi?its nth..i realli dun get wad u are thinkin..pls respect mi like hw u respect others..i oso changin my negative thinkin abt u n respect u as much as i can..thks

i know that i care about you ... at 22:18

` here.waiting ;