if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

05 February 2007

yea today had trg!!..k..was da same..runnin quit relax..but till duno hw long when i make e step to turn,i accidentaly turn dao my old injury part..was quit apin..but i continuned to run..den e longer i run i realise my leg damn numb n sharp pain..den aft tt jiu cramp liao-.-..i hate cramps durin trg..arghh..den aft tt 4 on 4 part..tts when we start quarrel..but v fast over larh..n i realise my attitude in da court is sooooo erxin n tao yan..im wanna change it..n i'll try!..

realise i everytym my attitude act like im e leader lidat..hahas..actually din notice but aft sumone told mi den i noe liao..although im use to this..but fren ask mi to change..n i promise i'll change for my sake of changin..so i sure change..but i nid tym lor..hahahas..argghh!!..sorry teammates=)..sorry to haf tt kinda bad attitudes..n i change asap..sorry..=(..

k..aft trg..wanna go home..mich oso wanna go home..den siri oso follow..when we were goin to leave,i pushed mich..n she almost fell onto sheryl..k thats my real motive for pushin mich..hahahas..den mich wan revenge..so use water to splash mi..den i go take my water bottle wanna splash her back..but she ran away alr..den siri oso gang up wit mich bully mi..so i go aim siri..hahas..wanna splash her water..den mich kept runnin n duno im gonna revenge on siri..den siri shout shout shout..n mich din heard it..damn funni la..i almost splash it on siri but mich came..den dey 2 gang up tgt to splash mi agn..hahahas..n they kept callin hardcoregay..esp siri..cuz she say she dui wo you pian jian..haiya..use to it liao..so i sumtimes use this pian jian n bully her..hahahas..hu ask her to bully mi first..although last tym i made her sad before..hahas..sorry larh..dun angry liao larh..petty jie..hahhasso we all went home tgt n mi n mich took cab to custom n go home ler...

btw..sorry ars jie..accidentaly hit ur head wit my hundred plus in da sch..hahas..i noe u wont forgive one larh..cuz u diu mi got pian jian ma..tts wad u say on d fone last tym-.-..hahas..stupid..

k lors..shall stop here ler..gtg slp liao..byes=)

i know that i care about you ... at 21:13

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