if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

29 July 2007

okay..cant go out today..suppose to meet anita one..but sry anita..parents dun allow me go out cuz they wanted to celebrate my b'day..but in da end they busy so cancelled again..nvm..i dun mind(:..was watchin tv and slpin at home all day long..stephenini ask me go for e b'day party to celebrate xueling b'day and mine b'day but i cant..so yup..truely sry nini!and guoguang jia you on monday(:

sis cant celebrate my b'day with me..cause she nidda work..hhahs..nvm i understand(:
and she repay me by sayin sry for one week..LOL..kinda funny..every night and mornin msg me say happy b'day..ahahas..wad a stupid sis..oly she will haf this kinda idea-.-"
so yup..watch high sch musical de vcd again..den e zhou ri ba dian dang..aft tt e street fighter show..damn hao kan can!anw..sry ahmao..i watchin tv no tym to entertain u..hope u dun mind..ahahs!XP

so yup..thks those who wish me happy b'day..im happy(: LOL!
thks,ah sis!ahahs...ahmao..yijun..nini!..yuansiang..caiyun..shareshare..qiyu..houyee..ahqin..and anita too!thks..(: p.s:to b continue..LOL
hope tmr will b a wonderful day..(: and other enjoy e day too(:

and den happy blated b'day to xueling! nd happy b'day to me(:

code:*im 15!=D**HAPPINESS!*

i know that i care about you ... at 00:39

` here.waiting ;