if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

30 July 2007

first of all..gotta thanks ahmao,wanying,huiqin,phylis,zhengfang,ahqin,weiyan and sl to help me celebrate my b'day(: THANKS!!

yup..down to bugis for dinner..ate at sl and zf de workplace..food..acceptable..ahahas..oso nice la..LOL..den i got a small cheese cake as my b'day cake(: im happy thanks..so yup..bill tym..$178.90? sumwhr ard dere lor..ahahas..we pay our self..and yup..dey went handicapped toilet..okay..mao and phy was playin lor!when ah qin wanted to went into e toilet den they play wit e sensor..ahahas.,.in da end ah mao go toilet ah qin revenge..funny sia em..aft tt went to eat honey dew duno wad liao..forget e name ler..ahahhas!so yup..eat finish liao take sum pics and went back..slack under e block till 1 plus.and jie cum and celebrate with me e birthday..was touch by wad she gave me..so yup..rly thanks lots!!!den slack ard till 2 plus send her to take cab back home and i went home..bath and slp aft tt

purposely woke up late cuz i dun wanna say pledge nor sing national song..so reach sch ard 8am den attended lesson..almost gonna peng in class can..so tired la..and i rly bth den fall asleep during chinese lesson..heng cher din caught me or mayb she let me slp?..LOL..so yup..normal days lor..except for that irritatin tien strikes back!sians..so aft sch went trg..prayin damn hard that it will rain while running can..and heng..god bless us..ahahs..girls din rly train at all!slackin la..aiyo..bath in sch and went to cwp wit houyee and bl..return houyee her bubble tea cuz i own her..sians!and den setted of to guo guang..
tsk!they lost..but nvm they did real well..
ND ND ND!i realise one thing!
last yr FEW CHR PLAYERS WITH PHY WANYING AND WEIYAN WENT TO MSIA PLAY ONE FRIENDLY WITH KUAN ZHONG..DEN GOT ONE IDIAN GIRL HAIR LONG LONG LIKES TO BUNNY JUMP ONE..OMG SHES SAME TEAM AS ME CAN!shock dao when i c her la..ahahahs..shes in guo guang..and she can speak chi clearly and understand too..omg *impressd!*..ahahas..okay..aft e team talk..play ball..ball with stephnini and xueling they all..ahahs..ball for like 2 hrs lidat..play like mad can..den my whole body wet dao-.-..suddenly duno what reason nini cum tickle me..so i tickle back..and both of us start to play like mad..xueling den c us lidat chase both of us out from da game..ahahs..den we continue playin tickle sia..damn funny..highin wit nini rly makes my day..ahahas..shes a gud buddy(:

so yup..aft that went in for e price givin..and oso sum sot of selection..same as selection combine sch lidat..but msia one is select players to play for johor bahru..den aft that took pics..wahlao..nini say act punch coach in da end she cum punch my face..like idiot sia..ahahas!and den after takin pics..kailing my personal driver send me home..ahaha!well..thats my day..reach home kena nag..cuz too late liaos-.-..so nw im here bloggin(:
gotta go slp nw!
and yup thanks to those who wish me happy birthday..wanted to list it out but yup..too mani alr..so sry!haven even reply e 30++ comments yet..gotta reply all by today..so ciaos!

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