if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

13 July 2007

same as usual..attend abit lesson..this week i machium go sch for e sake of goin oly..din rly study at all lor..ahahas..
down to sbc..sth happen..well..hope e boys will know their mistakes and no nex tym liao..watched boys match..not bad..still can improve lor..keep up e gud work and strive harder cuz e path will b more and more difficult..(:

so yup,aft watchin,down to cwp watch movie with jeslin,amanda,carrie and lynette..TRANSFORMER!wad a nice show lor(:
den during e movie jeslin tired ma,so she sot of slp at my shoulder..den amanda they all sittin behind,saw liao tot wad sia-.-..lame lor..aiyo..so yup..aft watchin e movie..chiong down custom..alamak i reach dere den e sch bus leave..so waited for 45 more mins lidat for e last bus..heng got ppl entertain me..if not i will kept sayin "shi sian de lor"..ahahahs..

took bus back and blahs,watched guo kuang sch trg..cuz know their coach..summore i wearin jersey ma..and coach ask me join em so train awhile and learn sth lor..dey did 4 jiao passin..so long din use that liao la..den train train train,their passin speed v fast sia..-.-" tryin v hard to catch up..ahahahs den end liao went home and im here bloggin-.-"
andand deres 3 on 3 intersch!den geylang serai de match den msia mayb havin a 3 on 3 and singaporean can join..must wait till bus uncle tell me first..wahahhas!shiok man..

i know that i care about you ... at 20:40

` here.waiting ;