if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

21 July 2007

overslpt again..yup siri sry abt e shoe bag thingy..
so mornin woke up..bath and blahs..den longbang sch bus to singapore again..wenta buy comics and down to bro hse..slack awhile and out again..meet mao..this tym she wasen late..so miracle rite..actually its nth la..cuz im e one late-.-" she was bein pester by one survey ppl..so stupid can..other ppl c survey ppl sure siam one..she still stand dere let other ppl ask ques-.-" ..so yup..slackin again..den share share came..and i left to admiralty to pass money..so share share pei daddy..ahahas..but within 10mins im back again..fast isnt it?..LOL..share share join her team while me and daddy went to mos sit..cuz houyee dey all ard ma..ahahas..den siewling came liao..3 of us down to rp while others wenta ball..watch ite v.s nyp de match..ite won..den rp v.s sp..rp won..den np v.s tp..tp won..but overall nices match is e first match lor..share share zai ar..kept qie in..ahahas!nd nd nyp de yaqi damn accurate in 3 pt pls-.-..chop 7 balls ehs..wth lor-.-"

so after match went civic mac eat with them..chat eat chat eat..and rush for e last bus..bused back with daddy..nth much actually..so reach home bath and slack awhile..stay up till 3plus..den went out to find sis cuz she went out for 2 hrs and haben came back yet..found her at cresent parkin..chat awhile and finally she willin to go home-.-"reach home ard 5..den pengz..fall asleep..too tired liaos..den ard 8 plus mum siao lor..call me 7 tyms!and aunt call me 2 tyms!cuz they ask me faster go back home earli for NTH!so bo bian..drag myself up at 8am..and back home..all those traffic jams makin me stuck at checkpoint for and 1hr!and human jam too..so reach home at 11am..so tirin..online and nw blog..cuz ltr will slp for 2 hrs..

tmr no msia 3 on 3 liao..duno y..mayb not enuff ppl..den today wanna go ytcc ball de..still nidda ask for parents permission..sians 1/2...aiyo..shall put this aside for awhile and back to my precious slp..blog tmr..ciaos

i know that i care about you ... at 12:30

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