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23 July 2007

duno coach wad age liao but its ard 54 to 58 ba?ahahas..but my fone last tym i anihw write in da end e fone stated coach age is 241 yrs old..ahahas..

well..sch was alrite..did listen to class..ss abit stuck..cuz missed alot of lesson..nva..i will catch up asap..cuz i dun wanna lose e bet(: ..poa i gotta chiong alr..sians..duno can manage it onot..chem today get sum pt abt it liao..rly a FINALLY man..ahhas..aft sch..sch bus left witout me..T.T
longbang "superman" sch bus to custom..heng ar..manage to chase dao my bus:D

went home..took a nap and woke up ard 6 plus..eat dinner..bath again..and down to guo kuang for trg..finally can rly touch basketball and get those sweats out of my body..was so delighted la..today officially join..all stranger face to me..but v friendly too..ahahs..
did those basic which normally do in sch trgs..lan di,45 degree and blahs..BUT!their trg is double our basics that we trg in sch sia..landi hundred ball left and right..so= 200ball! b oso samasama..free throw 45 degree is 50 50..3pt is 15..den full court layup 50 ball left and right..aft tt train fast break..din try that fast break before..4 pass..not like figure eight..den5 on 5..i pt guard..stress-.-"hao bu rong yi tui chu pt guard jiang hu den xian zai you hui la jiang hu hun!tsktsk..aft tt i play till leg cramp..faster sub out..i even felt happy when i cramp..cuz aft youth cup i finally cramp liao..even thou i youth cup din cramp at all la..aahahs..ppl sure think im insane-.-"..trg ends at 10pm..longbang sheng zi's parents car home..duno y i kept pronouce her name as shan zi"fan"..ahahas..funny la..

so yup..bath and pack up..so nw im here bloggin..im super duper delighted today..cuz mum went indonesia..so im stayin at singapore for tmr and wed(: and im able to ball again!wahahahas..know new teammates and blahs..well..home guo kuang u16 can win their match on monday..jia you!

well..gotta end here..ciaos(:
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