if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

14 July 2007

woke up earli in da mornin..cuz dad came in my room use com again..sickenin-.-
slack till 11 plus lidat,off to singapore..bring jerome down..cuz he wanna haf sum shoppin for his big day..hahs..kays..both of us are not a good shopper..so we shop within 2 hrs and BANG!down..hahas..sat at one side and chatted..den aft tt he wenta search for his smart long sleeves..LOL~..

shop till 6 plus,bring him to guokuang c friendly..hahas..wahs..he watch e friendly machium he gg v.s e opponent soon man..kept tellin me their weakness and lots..but i did listen!cuz i haf a pair of gud listenin ears..LOL..well..aft e match,he went back..and i went to dralis cafe..chatted with sum frens at cafe..nth much actually..most of our talks are personal life and basketball thingy..hahas..nth special..so chatted till 10 lidat and im tired..decided to went home..bath and blahs..nw im here slackin..so sian-.-

tmr hongkah north havin match..against combine sch..im gg down..cuz it will b a nice one to catch(: so hkn jia u!(:
admiralty csc playin with combine sch too..hahas..im gg down to catch..might b a gud one too..so yup..can find me at sbc tmr!LOL..tired nw gtg slp soon..zzz

my tummy not feelin quite well today..sians..feel so xin ku man-.-

i know that i care about you ... at 23:03

` here.waiting ;