if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

26 July 2007

sch was alrite..nth much..slackin nd slackin..mornin actually wanted to went for jog..but drop e idea too tired and lazy too..LOl
after school went meet wendy,jiemin,kaishin and back home..nap and went off to guo guang trg.. asked coach for permission let em let try to train..for sum experience..den coach v gud!she allow(: haha..

trg basic for today..triple times e amt ..rly almost take my life can-.-..4 che run 10tyms..den defence basic steps follow coach instrution move here move there for ard 10mins..-.-" after that each person must shoot in 20 3pts..den fastbreak..lay up..and play 3 on 3 ,5 on 5..ending of da trg..each person run 100m in e coach go and back for 30tyms..half of us drop dead can-.-"

den endin of da trg dey start to cheer la..sot of guo guang jiayou,lidat..den boys v.s girls..c hu loudest..-.-" machium trainin cheer leadin lidat..so yup..boys won..cuz boys got alot ppl..end of da trg..leg nua liao..ahahas..kailing send 4 of us home..she speedin can-.-" i kept nag her and say u oly 17yrs old nia dun speed..dangerous..talk till v funny la..ahahas..

so yup..reach home..bath and eat..cuz we hungry..LOL..and nw im here bloggin(:
tmr small match against sports sch..jia u~!
btw:"jiemin said sth funny..walao..xinfang ni intro de trainin shi shiok de lo..yi hou ni liu gei ni zi ji fen xiang bu yong jio wo men le"
den all of us laugh la..ahahs

for nw on..im gonna make myself damn busy so that i wont think so much!arghh..i rather torture my body den torturin my heart-.-"..well shall end here..ciaos


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