if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

17 July 2007

happy birthday huiting(:

well sch was alritez.nth much at all..attended all those lesson..heng bai lao shi din kill me man-.-..pass up all my chinese work and maths work..except for one zhou ji..recently my book kept gg missin..i also dun rly bother to find it..so lazy-.-..well..balled with e uneven team today..marcus almost took my life away!i was jumpin out of the court to safe e ball..den he oso jump out at a same tym..den he bang on me,i in da air bo balance almost land with my head..im heng man..if not i dun haf e chance to blog nw-.-

so aft sch someone asked me to stay and wait for one person whcich i dun know hu..den pek cek and i walk out from sch..wanted to go down regent get sum ingredients..but no chance..asked sis help me get..and i went home..so tired..so reach home..slackin and chatted with yan..walaus..damn malu man throw face daooo-.-..

slack agn and nth much..den nw im here bloggin..btw SIS MY DEAREST IS BACK LE..WAHAHAHAS(:

ehs tmr boys critical match..jia you boys!chiong till e v end(:..well gg sbc at 12 lidat tmr..catch me there(:..ciaos


i know that i care about you ... at 19:37

` here.waiting ;