if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

25 July 2007

sch was alrite..aft sch actually nid to go down to bishan and aljunied dere de..but i drop e idea and changed it to e nex day..so went back bro hse..slpt..and down to qway shoppin centre to get e tee..shop was close..sians..waste trip again..-.-"..aft tt meet daddy at qtown..and down to rp..watched ite v.s tp..ite won again..congrats..den aft e match went to cwp makan makan..and den back home..reach home..bath and usuals..chatted with sis..i said alot of personal stuffs..till i so emo-.-..den aft tt sth happen..and i turn totally like crazy..well..dun rly wanna mention much abt tt..ard 3 plus went out..slack at playground..din expect someone will turn up..so yup..pei me for e whole mornin..den went to sch and i went back home and slpt for an hr..totally no mood for that night..

woke up ard 8 plus..down to bishan for e 3 on 3 marathon..reach e place..cant find their company..like wth..walk ard e industry area 2 rds..and i din even notice i walk past it la!so i continue to find..den i look another side..finally saw it..sibeh stupid man..-.-..so aft tt down to woodlands and bused to qway..reach dere..e shop open..so yup..went in and he said e tee still not done yet..so walk ard to c bball shop..i seriously need a new one..and i dono wanna wear e one coach gave..sians..so yup..from 1 plus shop till 2 plus..back to woodlands and set off to sch for trg..hu knows..reach dere cher say trg cancelled..waste trip-.-"..so slack in sch awhile and down to cwp again with houyee and yijun..craps again and went foodcourt it.chattin chattin and chattin..aft tt ard 6 lidat went back home..nth much and din wanna post that much today..din rly haf e mood at all..so yup..ciaos
one shot,4 victims..
and yup..shareshare,better rmb wad u had promise..hopefully its a promise and not a empty promise..
cuz if its lidat..i'll let u know i mark my words..so yup..u understand wad and hw i felt..so pls..

and to sum particular person out dere..im truely sry to let u dwn
i noe y u said those harsh words to me ytd..i din blame u at all..so yup..
so just let me b e stupid ass like u said..i guess i wont regret for my actions..i noe i hurt u..
but for this tym i willin to b e stupid ass..cuz i do rly cherish..so ya im sry.
thks and ya console and scoldins anw..i still wanna b e stupid ass..sry

terrible hurt..

i know that i care about you ... at 20:26

` here.waiting ;