if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

31 July 2007

sch was just alrite..but oly kinda sick today..was havin headache in da mornin..tot it will b fine but hu knows durg assembly while gg to sing e national antheme i felt giddy and gg to like wanna faint lidat..was hangin on quite long la..from startin they sing e national antheme till saying pledge..if today was monday and they sing sch song..i sure rly faint man..was tremblin like hell..havin cold sweat too..mayb im sick due t not enuff slp if not is i skip meal recenlty..cuz no appetite..sians..aft that..zzz..borings~

did chi test and maths test so yup..guess i'll flunk both!ahahas..bai lao shi say i flunk my chi today..first tym i flunk my chi seh~..but nvm i dun blame myself anw..LOL..cuz not enuff slp and was sick today..shall let myself off this tym..heez
and yup..i rly gotta kick my butt and study damn damn hard..i nid help in maths chem and poa!i shall find expert restiyani to help me..wahahhas..

bell ring and i went off to cwp makan..craps again..ahahs..den went toilet..when i came out with houyee..deres this cute xiao didi lookin at me and say:"ta hen xiang nan de" sth sot of lidat la..den i start to laugh..ahahhas..damn cute la pls..aft tt he walk out saw me again he told his dad i think..damn funny can..ahahha!
mayb this xiaodidi haven learn a word "die" before..so yup..hope his cher will teach him asap if not others will teach him..LOL..kdin kdin..

well aft makan sheryl came and down to bugis to hand up e 3 on 3 form..
asked zhen zhen what we get if win..she say $550 and she idn told me isit cash or wad-.-"
and she say better bring slpin bag..ahahas..well this i nidda consider..LOL..den aft tt went to wait for bus..aunt drove pass and she saw me..chatted awhile and she drove me to checkpoint..so gud can..hahahs..and aft tt went city quare buy comic..say stephenie NINI!ahahas..she c me alone and she alone oso..so she pei me..so yup..walk walk ard till 6 plus lidat..walk 2 hr wanna peng liaos..but she rly made my day..ahahs..den went for dinner and cab home..so yup..nw im home bloggin..so tired..gonna slp soon..9 plus nw-.-

sch was tirin,my day was tirin and my life was even more tirin too!
i wanna say out everything in my heart and let my brain and heart blank out!but i just duno hu to find..someone save me out from this idiotic misery!
broken into pieces..-.-"

~..wo yi zhi dou zai..~

i know that i care about you ... at 20:28

` here.waiting ;