if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

19 July 2007


din went to sch..cuz overslpt..ahahhas..woke up at 6 and down again..den woke up ard 9 plus..so tired la-.-..den longbang uncle sch bus to singapore..and down to sbc..wanted to take express bus de..but that bus go liao..like wth sia..so cabbed down..watch bois match..i was so ji dong can-.-" den in da end boys lose..sth happen which i dun wanna talk much abt it..pek cek..din wanna take sch bus back..so mrt back..meet sis at kranji den back home...reach home nth much..spent 2 hrs makin muffins for old fren..hahs..well..enjoy(:

aft that at night slack agn..din use com cuz dad usin la-.-..so ard 9 plus went out wit sis..she wanna went for drink den i dun fang xin so go along wit her..den she kept drinkin and drinkin..i scar she rly gone drunk so i help her..in da end im e one gettin drunk,nd i rmb i kept drinkin and drinkin..duno hw she bring me home but i know e moment i reach home jiu lie on da bed and fall asleep le..feelin so terrible..btw p.s daddy let u worry le(:

mornin wake up..head pain like wanna bomb it lor-.-..heng sis woke up gimmi eat med..if not i sure cant survive thru e sch lesson today..reach sch..c e class headache again..so dirty..and i start to arrange and blahs..swept e floor for 30mins..LOL..bo bian too dirty liao-.-..attend maths,eng,ss ans 2 hrs poa!eng lesson cher was naggin la..heng she din nag me sia..nagnagnagnag~!*FAINTS*
den poa lesson i got do poa alrite..LOL..did ss too..slackin around..sch ended nth much and went home..slpt and went airport..to send small aunt to sabah..she movin dere..cant get to c daryl,dencun and danzell animore..T.T i miss my small aunt and e 3 cousins la..esp e newborn baby danzell..so cute man..hes a small blackie..opps:x..so sian..
reach home,tv and slack again..so nw im here bloggin..tmr gg watch polite cup..cheers man!
share share and fang ge jia you!!and others too(:

code:*give me hope*

i like this part(:

So I'll try and find a melody as beautiful as you
Find the words to say your eyes are bluer than blue
Fill my voice with the emotion I'm feeling for you
And now, when the beat is so strong
I'll give my heart in a song

Oh girl,
If I were an actor, I could be someone
Someone who'd always know, the right things to say
But as soon as I'd see you, I'd forget all my lines
And you'd never know, what I feel inside

i know that i care about you ... at 19:13

` here.waiting ;