if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

13 August 2007

sch was alrite..eng paper was alrite..kept flipin thru e paper cuz i din see summary..scare that i will miss out e summary but heng..this paper dun haf summary..ahahas..fliping and flipin thru e paper man..den durg chinese and chem tryin to chiong social studies..but hu knows..alot ppl din bring chem workbook..den kena chase out class..wanna slack one..but everyone kena punish copy 5 chem tb pages..like wtf..

den end of chem lesson went recess..chiong social studies but nothing seems to enter into my tini brain..ahas..social studies paper start..see e question..mind was totally blank..slack for 5 mins..den start to write down rubbish..think manage to get few marks..ahahs..end of paper..IT lesson..den relief period and off i go..ahas..reach home..quarrels wit parent again..so sucky..den off to trg..

me xueling and xiao meiling was highin all e way can..coach din come cuz she got alot of homework to settle-.-"..so yup..3 on 3 and other competition..was highin all e way with e two girls..den aft that mei mei and nini join us..continued highin and in da end kena scoldin by boys team coach-.-" we over high liao..ahhaas..den aft tt one on one and everything end..

well..jie i know u meant good but pls..not in this way..wad u wrote dosen mean that i'll be happy abt it..sry to quarrel wit u anw..

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i know that i care about you ... at 23:42

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