if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

15 August 2007

sch was alrite..paper wasen alrite at all..chem and maths...which i dun rly like..but at least math okay okay..chem paper was super sucky..dun even know a single question lidat can..ahahs..nvm..shall forget abt this..anw..got back chinese paper today..i passed!hahas..expected..but din expect i willget 43/50..30 plus i alr happy liao..den this tym forty plus..ahahas..aiseh-.-"

okay..geo lesson was like chatting oly..den dat loh say oly one girl in 3e2 pass..like wth..boys i not sure..hopefully 3e1 will be diff!!prays~!..tmr bio paper..haven rly prepare for it..stressed!!!!..but hope i can hang thru it bahs..at least try to pull up my combine science score..ahahas..if oly i will get a full marks..but i aim for a1 this tym! hope i can get ba?hahs..let fate decide den..

anw 6 down 2 more to go!!faster la~!!!!..today bein so weird in class..kinda siao liao..aahas..well..i dun rly care that much anw..shall not chat much today ba..gtg..stayin in singapore today..tmr got trg!yayness..so qi dai guo guang trg..also duno why..just v fun ba?ahahas..



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