if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

16 August 2007

6 down 1 more to go!which is tmr..oh man..so happy..anw flunk my chem and maths..aiyurh expected-.-"..and i sure fail my ss and geo....did e most badly for this test..mayb too much things happen nd i cant concentrate?aiyurh..excuses-.-"

anw..ytd watched rush hr and it was nice and funny..ahahs..hang ard den went home aft tt..slp ard 2 am..tryin to rmb e bio notes..but it cant seems to enter my mind..so decided went to slp..woke up at 6 am today..prepare bath and set off to sch..reach sch ard 6.45 or 7am lidat..even though sch startin at 9am..start to revise bio again..tryin damn hard to get things it..but my brain load v slow..din even know why-.-"..guess i can pass my bio ba..wrong lotsa crap inside..ahahs..

aft test lesson tym den aft that went home napping and set off to trg..trg was fun..ahahas..again(: "milo" suddenly bcum my buddy..hahs..was playin with her e whole trg cans(: ..aft trg,went back home..parents cum and fetch me..so rare can..mayb they tot of sth ba..sians..when gg reachin home,e car suddenly no batt..den me and mum kept pushin e car till gg mad la..trg just over den give me one physical trainin..drop dead sia-.-"..aft that went home and den bath nd nw im here bloggin..tmr poa..no confidence..even though i may understand sum le..hais

code:*a untold story*
will i still haf e chance to ask?or even c u agn?sians

i know that i care about you ... at 23:04

` here.waiting ;