if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

27 August 2007

nw funeral over..but heard tt stil got things to handle..im feelin o bored nw..so to kill my boredness im gonna post abt today and yesterday thingy..

alrites..yesterday mornin woke up at 5am..aft tt set off to "suah ting" which is e top of e mountain in indonesia whr my aunt stays and ahgongs body were placed..walao..imagine 9 ppl were sittg in a 4 sitter car..and e journey dere is like gg 1hr..soooo..budi and her mum sit infront share sit tgt..uncle drive e car..deh jian sittg on cai huas leg..ah yan sittig on sis leg. cai zhu sittig on my leg..den when reach suah ting 3 of our legs like gg duan liao-.-"..

well..ytd is our shou ye..so means cannot slp..so me ahyan nd sis kept playing games to entertain ourself..played cai quan at first..den suddenly ahyan say 19..like cai quan got 19 lidat-.-..so we changed game..domino and dai di all this nd dat..forfeit for e loser must go climb trees get mango or rambutan and feed e winners..ahahs..so fun..i kena once..den feed ahyan..hahahs..

so we played till 11pm plus..sth happen..ahma and ahying saw one lorry drivin pass e road way in a fast speed..and at this kinda tym shlden haf any vehicles drivin de ma..so they taught is theif..so one car wenta search..but theres still no sign of e car summore e way e lorry heading got no way to go at e back..all block liao ma..so shld haf seen e lorry sumwhr..but they stil cant see e lorry..so dey came back..den all those aunties heard liao very scare la..soo..deh jian took 4 guns out..rifle..den 7 metal stick..we decided to go check again nd we send 2 cars over.. im e oly girl gg la..cuz they cant find anyone know hw to shoot with rifle..so bo bian..gtg w em..i stood behind e lorry and lookin ard..den budi kept using e big torch light shinin to see e pathway got ppl hidin not..machium like gg for a war lidat..den suddenly we notice e side of e pathway got tyre prints..den heading into one small road beside..so we went in..budi saw e lorry den got few man takin parangs on their hand..they start to jump up into their lorry trying to flee la..so me and ahhiang faster use rifle and aim at their tyres..both of us shoot dao e tyre liao but i think we got shoot dao one guy too..but e lorry still tryg to flee...den suddenly they turn..aft tt we turn den e lorry gone..uncle say they scare e lorry went back to e place whr all e aunties were waiting for us..so we faster drove back..but everyone seems alrite..nd i pespire like mad can..so long never use rifle liaos..damn scary sia..

so that night all e children above 14 de must sit at e roadway bein guard..rly like army sia..den my duty is sit dere from 1am to 4am..canot let go of e rifle also..den ahyan pei me..if not i sure bored to death..ahahas..suddenly i nth to do den jio her..nw she my girlfren liaos..LOL!!gonna post our pics in friendster soon..ahaahhas!

sooo..i din catch sum slp for yesterday/today...mornin dey start to pray ard 10am plus nd we kept kneelin..i kneel till my knee bleed-.-..den durg 11 plus,we start to bury ahgong..when we gg to put e coffin,e soil suddenly drop..so we continue to dig again..den drop again..aft finally e soil stable liao..we place e coffin in..within few mins..its starts to rain heavily..so mi,yan and sis ran back..for shelter..nd those seniors help to bury..when they came back,e rain just stop at that tym..its like so weird la..seems like hinting us sth..hais..so many thing happen..nd its like a family gathering this few days..but i rather dun haf this type of gathering better..

anw..gotta know alot of relatives..nd i counted..i got 300plus relative..summore we haf 5th generation..superb big family la..summore got few relative at germany,singapore,msia,japan,thai,nd even india!walaus ehs..my family damn big cans..heard wad yan told me i shock dao-.-"..nd nw my ahgongs father still alive..his hitting 110 yrs old liaos..diaos!

i know that i care about you ... at 18:34

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