if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

28 August 2007

currently in jakata nw..takin e plane at 2am plus to 3am lidat..

well bid goodbye to girlfren they all..hais..duno wen will see em again..since i came to secondary..sumtimes i oly go back once a yr or even once 2 yr..nvm..i'll find sum tym durg this end of yr and sneek back..ahahs..

well..e moon ytd cheated my feelins urh!me ahyan nd sis..from indonesia tym 11am wait till 2 am cans-.-..like stupid idiot sitting at e rooftop chatting and waiting..summore damn cold-.-..but kinda fun la..had our fun tyms..ahahs..slp at 4 am ytd night..not enuff bed cuz alot ppl at one room urhs..like almost15 ppl..den oly got five beds lidat if im not wrong..so me slp with ahyan..sis with cai zhu..den aunt they all slp other side..chatting with ahyan till 3 plus den both of us wanna pengz le..den aunt they all laugh like siao lidat-.-..causin us to slp at 5 am..diaos!so woke up at 9 am den set of to jakata..takin ferry again!i hate it most..manage to survive e long hrs journey..almost vomit cause e boat damn shaky..wtf..i hate it lurhs..anw..reach dere den went to hotel slack with sis till nw..gonna go bed soon..wakin up at 2 am plus ltr..den gg back to singapore!!!still miss ahyan dey all siah..nvm..sooner or later still got chance to meet!shall wait for fate..LOL!..k..if tmr im not tired i go sch..but will be late..if i tired..den i dun go sch..hahas..ciaos!

anw..sum sentence which make sense..
if u lost sth..dun grieve,it dosent mean tt u will lose it forever..if you got sth..dun be too happy..it dosent mean u will get it forever..
so..still e same..cherish&treasure your love ones..dont wait till you lost em..its to late to regret..
nw..i still do cherish my love ones..not goin to let go at all..(:

code:*dun wait untill u realise it,realise it before you regret it*

i know that i care about you ... at 23:10

` here.waiting ;