if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

29 August 2007

MY BODY TEMP IS BURNING NW!!39.4..ohh gosh..felt so high~~~~
i hate sore throat la!

damn sick nw..suffering like duno wad shit..gg no voice i guess..today woke up throat abit weird weird liao..den in sch suddenly sore throat..jit tao din rly spoil my mood..i super duper hate sore throat..well..reach changi..rush dun bro hse bath and change..den set off to sch..i so guai la..just came bck from oversea first thing go sch ehs..ahahs..went makan breakfast..den slowly go sch..reach sch ard 8.35am..den slack all e way till sch over..i rmb first thing i enter into class room,everyone shock..cuz my hair-.-"..well..drop dat..kinda stupid thou..ahahs

ndndnd..today in chem lesson havin sore throat..den tt mrs devi like buay song..kept nagging me houyee and yijun..den i ans one question..aft tt i buay tahan i scold her f word..other ppl heard liao shock dao..she said nth..den i diam diao..ahahs..out of control ma..hahas..actually i today can be v high de lor..stupid sore throat..mood spoiler-.-..arghh!!im willing to eat anithing that REALLY CURES my sore throat la!!!hais..drinkin so mani water today..kept gg toilet..nw gg finish my 6th packet of strepsils..still no diff..sians la!!

well..shall end here for today..gtg..ciaos

电玩 你比我快一关

投篮 我比你狠一点

不管谁来跟我挑战 除了你是我的假想敌谁也不希罕

***饶舌 你速度比我慢

考试念书 我比你逊一点

不管 谁来跟我挑战 我都看不起 我只要冲着你夺冠


我快要跑在前头 你怎能滞留在后头

你是我朋友 也是我对手 看着你成功我也光荣

证明世界还是可以有梦 你示范了坚持会有成果

这一分钟 你是我对手 很开心有你陪我斗牛

当我松开拳头累的时候 最后一刻往往你就是我 不认输的理由

i know that i care about you ... at 17:20

` here.waiting ;