if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

06 August 2007

k got alot to post..i think?ahahas

well..went to n7 cluster concert aft trg..was alrites lor..ahahas..fuchun pri got perform!omg..my pri sch..LOL..well..aft e concert went to rp sports hall watch ite v.s rp..not bad e match ite won..aft e match down to ball awhile and out to slack..aft that dio depression-.-..well..to that particular person..sorry again..(:

was slackin e whole night.den mornin went home and rest awhile and out to qway with mich and yijun..chatted alot..ahahs..was havin fun..aft tt travel from qway and down to fragrant to ball..wanted to ball but instead we sat dere do nth for ard 30mins..den balled and cab to bro hse..e taxi driver was funny..i said i wanted to go wlds cresent den he ask me go dere for..den i anyhw say go fren hse and he say isit girlfren hse den i say fren hse-.-"..and he say okok..u can go..like wth..i go other place like he must approve lidat-.-" wad a taxi driver man..DOTS!aft tt chiong back get a paper and down to yishun..was doin that rd jigsaw puzzle and findin ways to stuff e papper in properly..and finally done.ahahs..waited and talked..well..nw everything fine.nd im real sry yea..dont self blame oso..CHEERS!hahs

so yup..cabbed home and slackin agn..den mornin went back home..

well..nth much,quarrelled wit parents abt e same old things..nd found out internet connection kena cancelled by my parents..like wtf-.-

sch was fine..nth much actually..parents went indonesia and im gonna stay at singapore today!yayness!! so shiok lor..well..but tmr gonna go back home again..sians.aft sch went back bro hse use com..and nw im here postin..anw..grpins out..siansation-.-

well..thats all for today ba..aahahs..shall post soon(:

anw,still guilty for wad i said..truely sry yea?dnun self blame as its not ur fault..promise wont hide anithing from u le..and no attitdes!hahs..but if wanna kow u cn cum and ask me la..cuz my memory not gud ma..and i cant find e suitable tym to say too.so yup..sry and hope u uds..well.i give u my words and i wont forget..nd u also rmb wad u promise me alrites..smilez!(:


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