if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

26 August 2007

woah..just had a real life initial d..my heart almost pop out-.-"!
uncle was drunk..den he drive us home..den he drive till speed 140km/hr..durg uturn he oly turn to 120km/hr..scare my life out can..-.-..heng im still alife..summore durg in e middle of e road deres motor racing..jit tao not dangerous-.-..k shal stop abt this..scare me oly

today went mountain..alot of relative came also..saw ah yan!craps nd lotsa chatting with her and cai zhu..so fun..hahas..den budi they all mens talk we womens talk....den they say i gay talk wth..-.-..alot of relative saw me..kept askin me why my hair so short-.-..den wen i got off e car..they mumblin thinkin imma girl or guy..den i shout bad say..:"za bor la"..hahahs

de wen relative saw sis..they say why u so black..machium they reporter lidat cans-.-..hahs

anw..tmr will b a sad day i guess..and follow by mon..gonna bury grandpa soon..nd i heard relative say they when they burnin those paper money..they saw grandpa foot print..damn scary la..hais..gotta stop here..damn tired..ciaos

i know that i care about you ... at 01:57

` here.waiting ;