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then i will find you and love you once more
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03 August 2007

well..sch was kinda and fun high!!ahahahs..today highin with yijun and houyee..so funni..
wu tou ying,chinese cher,and mr lim!lols..
was saying abt sum incidents..den i wanted to say mao touying and i ended up sayin wu tou ying..den another one is during recess tym,everyone went back class except me yijun and houyee..and was chattin with yongkang dey all..den suddenly one grp of chi cher came..they asked me to go shandong..den ended up chattin for 30mins and dey din notice we are suppose to in class instead of slackin in canteen..ahahs..den lin lao shi suddenly ask y we sttill in canteen and we siam liao..LOL
3rd one is mr lim..talkin abt sth den mr lim say abt his wife..den houyee ask me lim"tot u say haven married..whrs e angpau?" and den mr lim jump bcak into e office damn fast la..ahahas..damn funni and highhhhh!!

aft sch cab back to bro hse..change and chiong down again..cab to cwp and went to watch disturbia with yijun and houyee..e show was nice!:D
hahas..aft watchin went foodcourt find mich..and den i went down find yan dey all..and headed off to republic poly..watched match..was quite alrite lor..first match and 2nd match din rly watch..cuz first match playin jie ning lappy and den 2nd match went to eat..ahahs..e last match was nice..rp won..and yup..immediately aft e match go liao.. and den slackin..

slack till ard 5 plus and went home bath den slp..houyee den call me ard 7 plus and i decided not to go sch today..tiredness is wad i feel at that moment..and dun rly haf e mood to attend sch today..ltr deres trg..gonna prepare and headed of to trainin and rp again for e concert..den ballin at rp outdoor court..rly hope todays ballin will let me feel much better..

so yup..nth much more to blog le..shall update soon(:

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