if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

07 August 2007

currently in indonesia nw..din expect things will go that worst..
earli in da mornin ard 5 plus recieve calls from indonesia say that ahgong fainted..quickly called sis to pack up and book tickets..so i din went sch today..took 11 plus ferry down..2 hrs plus plus ritei still hate to take ferrys..-.-" ..reach dere,,chionged to hospital..see ahgong in sot of icu room in indonesia..everyone was sitting outside so anxious..doctor say ahgong heart is too weak alr..either heart transplant or dalysis will b suitable for him..but mum thinks that if havin e operation will b dangerous..so she talk to e whole family and consider dalysis will b a better idea not..aft that dono wad reasons..2nd uncle send me and other grandaughter/sons of they family back grannys home..nd sis stay in hospital..din wanna slack ard and i started to post nw..v worried..hope ahgong will be fine..im here to c him recover but not to leave..so *prays*

he always encourage me when i did sth wrong..and i rmb he cheered me up when i lost one tournament durg pri sch days..nw his weak to talk and even move ard..i just wan him to recover and continue to encourage me..havin 3 on 3 marathon tmr..if oly i cld hear him tellin me to jia u for tmrs marathon..i nid listenin ears nw..=(

will be back tonight or tmr mornin

i know that i care about you ... at 16:18

` here.waiting ;