if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

01 August 2007

today nothing much..oly enjoy english lesson..ahahs..ghost story..den went for bio..bio was fun..i still love bio even thou i dun haf e mood..cher seems to b cheer up by us..ahahs..
den lunch and chinese..attend e lesson awhile and went of to make passport...spent 2 hrs dere like rotting..-.-"
den saw fongyan..chat with her and den down to bro hse..slack awhile and went hospital to visit grandpa..he admitted into hospital today..tsk..havin difficulties in breathin..summore hes in his 90s..doctor even say his days are numbered..everyone was so worried..just duno wad to do oso..nth much to say..hais..hope everything will b back to normal and i wont b that tired too..

nth much to post nw..stayin in singapore tmr and fri..wont b online for 2 days..anithing just msg me..
gtg ciaoz

i know that i care about you ... at 23:57

` here.waiting ;