if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

24 August 2007

din went home durg tues night..sis came to accompany had a rly long chat with her..aft that..everything better abit le..stay out till forget wad tym..and went back bro hse..din went to sch at all..aft tt went back msia and handle my stuffs..

went to sch..still earli when sch starts..so start to jog ard e black track 10rds de..but my knee start to pain when i gg finish my 6th rd..so i stop liao..lot of cher running oso..start i run pass mdm kan..she saw me den ask me to study hard..den run pass mr tien..he call my name and i ignore him..aft tt run pass bai lao shi and she chase homework from me-.-" wth..so aft running sch starts..damn tired..manage to hang on till after sch..and den set off home..

reach home..no tym to catch sum slp..so bath eat liao and went trg..as usual..all those shootings and running..too tired and i cant rly shoot..i can get air ball for my free throw too..like wtf..so from 7pm balled till 11pm..reach home ard 11.30pm and den blahs blahs till 1 plus..den end of da day

today nothing much..too tired for eveything..aft sch just went home..-.-..gg indonesia ltr..hais
will be back till wednesday mornin..everything seems so wrong

code:*im trying to stay positve..i guess?*
if oly i can face it..i wont be suffering nw..2 more weeks to go..
teach me hw to let go..i dun haf animore hopes..
im giving up soon..i guess?tsk
im disappearing forever

i know that i care about you ... at 15:28

` here.waiting ;