if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

10 August 2007

tuesday midnight sumthing happen and rushed to hospital wit cousin and stay over dere,din slp at all-.-"..den earli in da mornin rushed back to singapore..cab down bro hse and wanna slp..hu know..slp within an hr recieve call and asked to go down ball..so went ballin and yup..ball till 4 plus and set off to suntec..register and start to slack ard..den our first match..against absolute..wth..v.s dao ytss coach and my pri sch cher..went disturb disturb her awhile..ahahas..played wit team absolute..lost..accidentaly kiao dao cher..sry yup..not purposely anw..ahahs..den aft e match went mac buy our dinner den suddenly kerry call..din know it was her cause i din save down her no. so yup..kena nag by her cans-.-"..

wenta find her and back to my place to makan..kena garlic chilli on my shoe lace..like wtf-.- den aft tt second match v.s kg ubi and lost..lols..aft e match start playin dai di wit jade and huiwen..i kept winnin lor!wahahahas..den ahqin e batman came join us..she came den i start to lost..aiya..she made me so suay la..hahhas..slack till 2 am plus..and our 3rd match v.s zhong hua csc..lost agn..-.-" nvm..den aft e match wanna slp..but cant slp cuz kinda hot and noisy..wenta watch netball match wit yijun and mich..den aft tt walk to e fountain dere and duno why we ended up slpin dere..damn cool lor e air..ahahas..but within and hr woke up agn..ahahas..duno why..think i saw sheryl or wad ba..aft tt went starbucks..drank coffee and ate a cheese cake..and den back to my place and slack..suddenly it rains..faster pack up and chiong to starbucks.saw mich they all slpin so i start to doze off too..den slp for within one hr agn! e manager wanna chase us away..ahahs..game resume at 8.30am and played our 4th match..against mayflower and we won..like a finally cans-.-..den last match with insanity they walk over..est team de game oso walk over..so est team play 4 on 4 with my team..ahahs..kinda fun(: kept playin and playin..den got nex team oso..aft e game,watched match den went home liaos..back to admiralty but haben went home.slack downstairs awhile nd decided to go bath..kinda tired too..anw to someone..thanks hurh..

went back bath and put mediacal oil almost on my whole body cans-.- aches and injures all ard-.-..rushed back msia for trg,actually dun wanna train de..but c them train den i din train v weird so yup..start runnin 2ords..den wenta tell caoch i oly train for 1 hr..but hu knows..start to train finish e whole 4 hrs..like kinda funny la.ahahs..same as usual..hundred layups,shotting all those trails..but thru out e whole trainin duno why we so high la..so yup..sheng zi mum send me back home and den bath and slack till 1 plus and down to slp..

anw my mum lao ren chi dao gettin more and more worst..she can also forget me and my sis did went back indonesia..nvm..not gonna tell her this if not quarrels agn-.-

just woke up not long ard 3 plus or 2 plus i think..2 days din slp so this long slp is kinda worth it..hahs..so yup..today counted as my slpin day ba..tmr gonna go indonesia agn..i hate takin ferrys-.-"..arghh!!!

im so tired and fan like nobody business..hahaha

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