if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

31 August 2007

well..today was teachers day..every thing went smoothly i guess?inter hse game..aiyurh..as usual..haha.. aft tt went toilet awhile den houyee they all left without me..or shld say forget me-.-" they say go 900 bus de bus stop so i ran dere..den change bus stop and i start running like mad-.-..havin flu ask me run rly can haf asthma lehs..hah!aft tt went cwp makan..den set of back to fuchun primary..din get to see ANY TEACHERS! cuz i go in,they say go out makan..so yup..went out to makan..so long nva go out tgt le..hahas..went fuchun cc..c em makan cuz i makan alr..den chat and craps..hahas..talk abt who we hate msot durg pri sch..who kena slap most by teacher..ahahs..den eddie liang and jing ying went play ball..me and others catch up with em later..balled till very high cans..shouting shouting..den nw i ended up no voice..talk also xinku-.-

so long din balled tgt..having so much fun and chat together le..since pri sch seh..hahas..kinda happy today aft meeting em..well..planin to go town this tues..and ex fuchian wanna join us tell me..i will update u(:
sumtimes..i felt that we are like best pals..even thou meet very less but our bonds is still as strong as others..hahas..

well..anyway..my one week holiday gg to be fully booked..so if anione wanna book me out faster tell me..if not u may not haf a chance to go out with me animore..hahas..k kinda thick skin-.-"

shall end here ba..nth to say le..hahs..ciaos
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