if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

24 September 2007

ytd chatted wit ee jia ying..nd i promise her i will get a A for bio..infact i will!!mid yr i din let her down..so for end of yr...not a big case too!!muahahahs..xinfang chiong hard ar!!!smiles(:

din manage to touch my books today..cuz i oly bring bio book back home!!-.-"haha..well shall forgive myself..today earli mornin wake up i kept smiling to myself..ppl see liao may tot i study too much went berserk?LOL..well infact ytd pollin i did enjoy alot with steph and aiping but not just oly dat,dream abt 3 things sweet..hahs-.-..well..one slp 3 sweet dreams..not bad urh..anw realise sth funny..ppl wish me swt dreams and i will dream nth..when ppl din wish me..i got sweet dreams..kinda stupid thou..haha..well..first dream was e sweetest!i wont forget..nd i'll kept it as a secret..LOL!!2nd dream still alrites..nt bad..3rd dream also a not bad..hahs..but i still love my first dream..loves!LMAO..well,hope tonight i will get a even more better dream den e first one..i know im greedy..but just a wish for a sweet dreams ma..hahas..shall end here den..tmr mock test till 5pm6pm forget alr..siao!nights nights

i know that i care about you ... at 00:01

` here.waiting ;