if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

02 September 2007

finally manage to get back a tini tiny bit of my sound back by drinkin one cup of stupid ginger-.-"..so taste is like..............cant be describe in words jiu shi liao-.-

kinda haf e regret feeling of not gg watch e drama performance with ms ee that ee jia ying-.-..staying at home rly rot my body lor..sians..at home nth to do..den e med kept makin me feelin drownsy and slp slp slp..den nw durg night i damn awake liao..sians!

just nw suddenly got e feel of gg back old fuchun..but its abandon alr..summore all e gate close and locked..even if manage to get in..den hw to enter INTO e sch? new fuchun is like a total stranger to us who never been inside study before..e feel of old fuchun is still the best..those small lill hole ard e fence tt me and few frens dig inorder to sneak out durg lesson tym..and e old basketball court which i can dun eat durg recess tym nd chiong str8 to e court to ball..e big tree near e music room which we kids like climb up dere and lay..e guava tree beside e monkey bar which i always use few pebbles and hit it down..all those memories..so cute and fun..nd e hall..which has one basketball board behind..and celebrities picture hung up on e wall..those chicken i always played with in e eco garden..e small light house in da concourse..
gosh~all this..let me feel like gg back dere once again..misses
seconds by seconds mins by mins day by day month by month yr by yr..we grow,we learn we change..surrounding also begun to change slowly..sometimes we din notice it..nd by e tym we notice it,its a new one alr..e feeling gone..e memories gone..nd it will not be wat it suppose to be anymore..just like old fuchun and new fuchun..hais

well..guess dun haf e chance to go back dere anymore..

why i dun have e happiness dat i tot i would haf when i manage to talk thru it..its weird..wads happening?wad i wanna say?wad i wanna do?im not clear now..i hate not being my ownself..i wanted to speak out..but sometimes i thought of it i will suddenly change my mind not to..nd i dun even know why..everything change..i hope this wont be the second time..i just would'nt face it i guess..mayb i just scare of the pain..or mayb its not wad i want..mayb..

i know that i care about you ... at 00:12

` here.waiting ;