if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

20 September 2007

sch as normal..reach at 7.15am..den start to slp in class till 9am..lesson starts..poa again..2 hrs!!i din do anithing den he kept nagging abt me..so i start scolding him back..felt soo relieve!!aft tt lesson per normal..din slp durg ss.. but i pengs durg chinese..aft that eng and home sweet home..nw reach hoem not long..bloggin..cuz v lazy to blog tonight..will be damn tired for me..well..shall put everything aside and start studyin till night nw..

gtg ciaos..!

okay kinda bored nw..hahas..well.infact today me and aiping din manage to study till night..both of us study tgt for 4 hrs and we headed to guoguang to ball!!LOL..all xuelings idea lurhs..so me aiping steph xueling xiaomei ling and peili ball till 9.30pm..was damn fun..highin with aiping e whole day..ahahas..my buddy made my day!!:)..well..after balling..home swt home..coach send us back home..but when e moment i reach home..everything back to normal again..hais..2 more weeks ltr den can ball with aiping they all again..sians..well..guess i nidda settle my personal life and studies..

nex wednesday guoguang playing finals with kuanzhong..fighting for e champ!!(: guoguang jiayou!!guess i culden go down support:(..nvm..wo jing shen shang zhi chi ta men(:

i know that i care about you ... at 16:35

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