if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

24 September 2007

sch today was fun..esp eng(: and poa also la..poa not bcuz mr tien lesson was fun(p.s even if its fun,mr tien will still be our stupid clown!)

pe lesson was cancelled..cuz of heavy rain:D!no assembly..so gud..wahhahs..aft tt poa..sth stupid happen..i tot i see wrongly..so i ask terrence to help me check..den in da end..i din see wrongly!MR TIEN NEVER ZIP HIS PANTS AND E WHOLE CLASS LAUGH LIKE MADASS!! even though im bein bad..but i rly hate him more den to e core..even yijun houyee and 3e1 hates him!!arghh!!and den..jia hao told mr tien he din zip his pants..nd mr tien began to find excuses

sayin:"i on medical..scold you all till medical"------->for god sake he always use this kind of excuse when he did sth wrong makin himself malu..

aft he saying that sentence,i told him."u always say u on medical might as well retire" jit tao i never kai xin yi xia..den he say me and qiyu never "ZI AI" oh man..hu wanna care abt wad hes talkin-.-

well..end of poa..maths..lesson was alrite..den bio..ms lim teachin bio on wednesday:D!so long never had her lesson since ms lizar came to teach and i did badly when i change teacher..shucks..but main reason also i din study la..ahahs

den eng tym!was goin thru e workbook..den guosheng and andre kept talkin talkin and talkin..like they always did-.-..then mrs ramesh pek cek and she start talkin abt gay partners in our class..which is guosheng and andre,xinhao and weiliang and lastly e gayest couple are amein and faidzul!!lols..always hug hug in class-.-..i sit beside them i kept laughin like hell..den amein acting gay made e whole class laugh like mad..so gay la dey two..haha..

aft sch rest awhile and den mock test!!faints!!but i believe if i study i able to do all those question lor..gotta jiayou!!todays maths mock paper left last 45mins i give up alr.hahas..alot of ppl also give up alr..too tired lazy to think tt much too..slackin in class!!
aft mock test..den headed home sweet home(:

i know that i care about you ... at 20:31

` here.waiting ;