if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

09 September 2007


well..back to e post..mornin woke up earli den wait for huiying to fetch me shengzi and kailing to custom..blah blah blah..den reach dere at 7 plus den meet stephenie they all..headed to sch..reach sch..no souls nor human at e court..but we stay dere not long finally got ppl come liao..get e ball den shoot shoot..suddenly e big big sun come out..hot daoooo~
playin playin playin..won 2 lost 2 last game we walk over..haha..cuz too hot liao dun wanna play..aft tt stehenie and aiping they all manage to get into semi finals they also decided not to continue..damn hot liao..so faster wenta bath and went ard walk walk..well..bein separated into pairs..so coach with coach huiying with kailing dey all me with aiping..den both of us start to talk abt ehhem..ahahs..well bein strangle by her lotsa tyms cuz i din tell her things..like wth-.-''..so we spent 2 hrs talking abt same sub..lols..den everyone shop finish liao..headed to sheng shiong..dey shop agn den me and aiping sit outside wait..same topic again..LOL!
wel..so both of us from cwp till msia custom talkin abt e same thing..diaos~
suddenly when me stephenie and aiping wanna cross e road..deres one car dashing towards us la..den me and stephenie notice..aiping was smsin so she din know..stphnie wanted to pull her in..but she cant reach..so i faster pull her to my side la den she bo balance fall on me-.-''..almost kena hit..heng ahh..and nw..she own me one favour..wahahaha-.-

so the wenta take their car and send us back home! home sweet home~(:
im damn tired nw..gonna slp soon..nights ciaos..tmr 2 trgs..horrible..hais
code:*deres still sumthing stuck in my heart,hw to get rid of it?!*

i know that i care about you ... at 22:41

` here.waiting ;