if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

19 September 2007

woohoo..suddenly felt so relax..cuz got book,aiping and minglee to entertain me at home today..3 of us studied from 5 pm till 10.30pm..soo= 5nd half hrs of studying..like finally i touch my book alr..managed to memories 4 chap of my bio..5 more to go tmr!!and they coming again(:

well..today late for sch..cuz human jam at checkpt den bus uncle just left witout waiting..so went to makan breakfast with other frens..and slowly walk to sch..when e moment i step into class..TIEN AGAIN!!he shouting like madass and no body cares abt him..siao gao..mood was quite dull today..kept day dreaming too..tot of all those at home..sian daoo..feeling so confused too..hais..

well..ahbao coach and uncle foo came to sch to talk abt e china trip to play frenly for 9 days!!so cool(: but deres tao jian for me..if i din do well for my paper..say bye bye to china..if i do well..oh man..i b damn happy too..aft chatting,they went back..and me hy and yj went back class attend lesson awhile den sch ends..aft sch decor notice board for few mins and i went off first..cuz ppl fetch me home..reach home..bath and den they came..so muggin mug mug tym(:

aft mugging,so nw im here posting..shall end nw..gg to slp..tiredness..ciaos

i know that i care about you ... at 22:42

` here.waiting ;