if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

01 October 2007

backie!well..cant stay for much long and type much today..cuz im gg out later to drink tea and study with kuokuang mates!..all of us are chiongin last min lurhs..hahs..

todays paper was............................

actually to me i felt okok la..mayb use to do this kind of standard de eng paper liaos..but hopefully i will pass!!prays..
and i did rmb to do summary okay!hahas..classmate kept remind me to do summary..hw sweet of them urhs-.-"..den diyanah remind me and i replied her that scarli i do e summary but forget do e compre question..LOL!damn stupid cans..

aft sch went to makan makan with jeslin they all..crap alot la me..den disturb disturb..kept laughin and laughin..aft makan makan went lib to study..and den off to met huiqin..chats at foodcourt for ard 1 hr plus plus..and den walk walk ard to see candle..hahs..aft tt sat at cavana waiting for ms ahcat to arrive with her formal wearin..startin startin see her top and bottom its okay okay..aft tt see what shes wearin and i start to laugh..damn funny cans..hahas..and den..went foodcourt makan makan..chats along..den left at 8pm due i must reach home earli today so that ltr can go out xD

30mins more till got ppl cum fetch me lehs..-.-"
so now i shall patiently wait for their arrival..hahas..well..tmr cheeeeeeeenaaaaa paper..im puting 80% of hopes into it =9..chiong ar!

in fact,i dun felt numb abt it anymore(:
positive is my bestie and negative are my enemy
say bye bye to sorrows and hallo to new happiness

i know that i care about you ... at 22:21

` here.waiting ;