if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

07 October 2007

been muggin at home this few days..but chem still "YI QIAO BU TONG"-.-
friday bio paper was like okay okay lor..tried to memories 9 chapts and it almost got me faints~
i not sure i will pass or fail not but i believe if i pass it still wont be gud enuff..if i failed i think i will fail abit ba..siansation..

friday aft paper rush back msia..went city square find candle and headed back to help parent work..reach home ard 5 plus and den slpt till 7..wake up give myself a half day break and start to watch tv..hahs..

ytd mum went back indonesia again..cuz now its e 7th weeks since ahgong pass away..sometimes i still cant let go and face e reality that ahgong gone..but life still haf to go on anyway..and i haven been letting go of any chances to do things that i really wanted to do..just like wad ahgong told me..

i swear till e day i die,i will still rmb what he said..

well shall talk abt ytd..ytd same thing..slpt till 12 plus..felt so shiok cuz i haben been slpin much durg exam tym..wash up and start muggin again..and den aiping and xueling say wan come my hse prepare steph de present..so yup..mug till 4 and they came..prepare all those present and planins..and den headed off to the store buy sth..and den all went back home
night..watch tv..totally forget abt mugging..LOL..watched e show spider and den zhou ri ba dian dang..suddenly black out durg 10pm-.-..like what the..so went back to slp..till this mornin ard 9am woke up..slack awhile den muggins again..now givin myself sum rest before headed back to my "BOOKLAND" hahs..


well mayb shall end here ba..ciaos(:

i know that i care about you ... at 15:24

` here.waiting ;