if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

14 October 2007

i dun haf e sleepy mood now=.=
or shld say currenlty im afraid of falling asleep..

muscle pain is causin me alot of troubles..
lay down liao den i can spent ard 30seconds to get up..kaos
kena flu ytd while gg back to msia after balling..was drizzlin and deres long queue at a busstop bo bian so i choose to walk e gg 20mins de bridge..and was drench for ard 20mins..imagine how cold it was?..
so im coughin and sneezing like hell now..
dunch know why im so suay now days..sians!
coughing and sneezing causes alot of pain ard e upper part of my body..i tried to slp just now..and den i cough once!oly once..it kept me awake for gg 2 hrs now..imagine how pain?hais..i shlden be drench la..

so now..im scare of gg to slp..cuz i scare when i din notice i will cough/sneeze once..
pain la deh~

anw just rmbed abt e parent meetin session chrian gonna haf on 25/26 oct..seriously..im scared..really scared..from pri sch till now..deres no happy endin aft e parent meetin..cuz i either kena scolded if not kena beat..i really haf e phobia of parent meeting..and thats why i tried all my might to avoid e parent meetin durg mid yr..and im really heng dat i can avoid it!

but this tym..its end of yr..promotion summore..totally impossible i could avoid it..i dono and i dun haf e confidnce at all..after hearing that alot of us flunk eng..hais

shall change sub to talk abt..mornin went to work..with muscle aches all ard..and my movement damn slow cans-.-..carry heavy things ard..movement cnt be big summore..aft workin..dad told me got puppies near e factory..so i went out to search..infact..not went..but SNEEK out to search..haha..and i found this 2 puppy..damn cute la..black and white de..ard 2 months lidat..omgosh..i will find ways to pursude mum to bring them back home to keep..hehe..cuz its wild puppies ma..and so cute..this 2 puppies let me think of xiao hei and jumin again..anw still rmb joe is still sick..wonder how my poor dog was right now..being hospitalise gg 2 weeks liao..hais..

aniway..finally aiping has been discharged today..(:
finally can breath some air

well..duno wad to post abt animore..shall end here i guess..ciaos..

i know that i care about you ... at 01:11

` here.waiting ;