if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

15 October 2007

im soooo boredddddddd nowwwwwww~

k ytd i slpt ard 2am plus..cuz rly too tired liao..so pengs..hahas

today woke up..watch tv..eat slp tv online tv tv and tv..hahs..well thats xinfang durg holis..

tmr no sch..think im gonna tidy up my room,do housework?hahas..maybe..yup maybe

just had a chat with ee jia ying..abt mr tien transfer and den..abt my probs..k i dun like to talk abt things that will affect my mood..seriously..and when she talked to me.i felt like..tearing..but i never tear okay..i endure..hahs..that auntie always know wad im thinkin-.-" kaos..nt fun
anw kinda happy to know her la..shes e first one i seriously said to her abt wad i felt "so call abt my life" to her..not even to my sis lor-.-..hahs..u must e honoured okay..LOL..i dun talk much to others abt my personal things..sum reason is i dun know tt person well so i wont say anything..another reason is i may felt "weird"..hahas..thats me..but for that jia ying..duno why i will like felt like saying everything to her..and i know everytym i said abt my personal things i never fail to cry..cuz every tym talk to sis also like that de-.-"
but this tym i really endure..endure..aft e call den i..LOL!
but im better now..felt kinda relax..
well..durg e tym that ahgong pass away shes also e one hu console me most..so do my other frens..thks anw(:
i rmb she called me durg lesson..to check out im fine not..hahs..shock dao..and she told me that:" if you need to cry you just cry,if you need to grieve, grieve..don't need to suppress it..be strong"
i still rmb that..hahs..it give me a strong feeling sot of energy?i also duno wad e feeling like..but no matter what..she also a good fren cuz she never fails to be dere when my mood is..dots..hahs..
erm know her for not more den 1 yr..rmb first impression on her is very dao..hahs..opps..cuz that tym mr low duno go where..den she replace him for a short period of tym to teach us geo..every tym her lesson i sure slp..thats me urh..hahs..den aft lesson she will faster keep e lappy and walk out of da class..dun really talk much to students..dao can..-.-" but aft that..got one tym when bball girls haf earli dismiss to go for tournament..and when we girls havin our lunch..she also havin her lunch..so i called her..wanna like disturb cher lidat..dat tym i rmb
houyee ard..and one more..forget hu le..hahs..and she duno why say her ownself pretty..summore dat tym oly i heard dao..so i began to chat alot with her and den became frens..LOL..-.-
den she taught me bio blahs blahs..sumtimes skip poa lesson awhile went to art room chat with her..den told her alot of things abt our sch teacher..esp MR TIEN..e naggy one-.-"..den durg june she left sch and went to her U and of cuz im still in chr..hahas..craps-.-..

still rmb got one tym shun lu so walk home with her..told her abt my family stuffs and say that my sis very less go back home de..and den she suddenly told me:"fang xin wo hui zhao gu ni de"..wo jit tao never VERY SHOCK DAO!!..that tym i tot she siao kia sia..hahs

nd just nw i told her that i know im not alone cuz i have my frens..but even if im alone..i still got a good listener like you..haha..i think liao i felt funny duno why..

well..mayb i shall stop here..alot of memories will still kept in my branie,nt just oly this but other ppls too!..(:

i know that i care about you ... at 00:42

` here.waiting ;