if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

04 October 2007

im superb superb superb sick right now!!

coughin like madness..and my "WALKING" nose jitao got cure dao aft eating those med-.-"
nose block summore..and both can!!breathing using mouth now..so tired la..exam tym almost out of oxygen!!

well..paper today was like...

kena K.O liaos
paper one at least i felt i will do better den paper 2..LOL!

aft sch stay at sch to study..den we change venue..so went woodlands lib to study..from 1++ 0r 2pm lidat study till 5.20pm..den set of to makan makan at kfc..makan till 6.15pm lidat den walk walk ard to find candles..LOL..
aft that..rush back msia..went kuokuang to pass comics..and den..they shock dao la..dey tot im gg dere for trg cuz i took 1 mth leave lidat..wahahaha..and den..that aiping dun let me leave kept asking me write sth for stephenie b'day..den e taxi driver also waiting for me..so i just run away..opps..and den..that ass shouted ''ZHANG YU"..ass lor-.-"

so went back into e taxi and now..home sweet home..tmr bio..i rly scare i cmi sia..9 chapt to memories..hais
gonna burn alot of oil tonight again..


5 down,3 more to go!!bio maths chem..chiong ar!

i know that i care about you ... at 20:35

` here.waiting ;