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then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

23 November 2007


back from cheeeeenaaa..
3 words to describe e trip with e boys team..

hahas..with mdm wan..auntie,coach and ultra megabyte teacher!and of cuz our shifu xiao pan,"news reporter",lili and xiao shen(:

hahaha..match over dere was alrite..e court no heater and we are like wearin jersey at e temp of 8 degree celcius lidat..damn cold can-.-..this cause me to get high fever at e first day..damn suay...

got one thing damn funny..we went dere..took 4 tyms boat for seaside viewing and 3 temples..
ans 2 garden i think?LOL!!

food dere for e first few days were like yucky..almost all dish is vege..machium we that period of tym being monk sia-.-..gosh!
aft tt coach complain..den xiao shen help us change menu(:
and our food became better..but not nicer..hahs!
we went to one place which got act e china war tym durg qing cao..its nice!
and we see horse..took a pics which is everyone jump high up in da air..
at night kept playing and talking..although i almost everyday quite earli go slp..cuz tired wad..hahas
those "k box" tym in da bus..even xueli and capt sing tgt lehs..hahas..but i bi jiao not steady that type..cuz i dun wan sing with..-.-..well some ppl know whu can liao..

anw all e match over dere we both boys and girls team won..

e trip we went wuzhen,shanghai,hangzhou,suzhou,nanjing..i love e last day dere..was fun..hahas..well..shall end here..
wanna go slp liao..but at aiping house den dat ass don let me slp..siansation=.=
ltr gg batu watch match..hope they will win

and chr girls and boys team jia you for punggol north and geylang serai cup!!!

china trip pics coming up soon(:

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team guo guang and hongkah north(:

i know that i care about you ... at 12:24

` here.waiting ;