if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

07 November 2007

internet down..so din blog..muahahas-.-
well..few days ago was mornin wake up,work den trainin..and blahs blahs..craps!..-.-..anw chalet was fun(:

saturday hkn came down msia to have frenly with team guoguang..k lose..but was a great game..kailing was soooo SAN BA!hahahs..uncles treat at duno was kopitiam-.-..den kailing talk talk talk talk..hahas..aft makan makan headed down to cs..den wake till 8 plus headed back home to place our bags..stephenie kailing xuejun aiping xueling they all reach my house before me and zf dey all do..hahs..place our bags and makan steamboat..chat alot..quite fun with them ard..reach home..12 ppl in 7 seater car..haha..makan till midnight lidat..headed back home..thks kailing for e ride..haha..and den lights off ard 1-2am lidat..den suddenly durg 3am that ass mornin call me man..thks urhs-.-..hahas

nex day which is sunday..woke up 10 plus den slack aft tt 1 pm lidat headed down to cs..not counter strike but citysquare..hahas..-.-
zf they all went home ard 5 plus..den aiping aimin kailing and yanshan came down..watched movie and shop shop tgt..it was realli fun disturbin yanshan..hahahs..bobian..i too sian alr..

anw e movie 30days night or 30days of night is damn damn nice..worth watchin..its a horror movie la..but not bad..abt vampire..nt v scary at all larhs..just duno why aiping shock dao scold vulgur..damn funny..hahas..aft movie walk ard and headed back home..reach home ard 11pom plus..wash up and lights off..hahas..

well shall siam liao..gtg remedial..ciaos..will update within few week(:

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