if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

23 December 2007


enjoy my day today..but sunday leh..woke up at 6am..sian de leh-.-"

k headed to singapore and went boonlay to meet jiaying the crapper..she damn crap can..haha
her fren came along too..jolin..well..nice noein her

head to chc for xmas drama..reach there at 10.37am but drama starts at 12.30am!i got check e tym when reach can..sat at e stairs and 3 of us crap tgt due to boredness..haha..was laughin so loud dat alot ppl lookin at us sia..

x'mas drama starts..not bad urh..den e service..okok la..i always stand dere diam diam one..

aft tt went for lunch tgt and head down woodlands to meet todays b'day girl!!NALINEE CHUA BAOLING...muahahaha..k la..now 12.04am so ur b'day over..but den still..

HAPPY BELATED B'DAY!!15 liao 15 liao..not young liao..same age urh..haha

head to baoling house den slack..was so tired den i fall asleep..ard 6pm steamboat..was havin fun ..and e tomyum soup spicy can..drank 4 cups of lemon barly and ate 5 ice cube..gosh..faints..

aft makan makan..chating..den take pics aft tt went to ball..like basketball gathering but manling houyee and siri nt ard..nvm..some day,some time there still got chance..haha...i ball till 10.30 den head home str8..reach home wash up..now v tired gg slp soon i think..haha..ciaos

anw antene gonna come to singapore tmr night!omgosh..miss her so much can-.-"
3 day of outing tgt..shiok!!!..haha..nights everybody(:

i know that i care about you ... at 23:59

` here.waiting ;