if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

01 December 2007

well got alot of things to post but lazy to post so much..hahas..anw e trip to batu to support youth 16 was alrite alrite lo..at night realise e hotel for us to stay was so sucky..and we decide to go out and find another hotel for us(steph me ping minglee xuejing kailing simin)..and its ard 12am ++..-.-

room with kailing simin and minglee..well..at night play till 3 am plus i think?den made minglee dance for us cause she lose e card game den don wan sing barney song-.-..in da end she cried..opps..

but she at least got dance abt la..few secs..hahas
for more info..can go to ping blog to see..

nex mornin wash up and blahs..so plan to go shopping..but realise tyre kena nail den pungcek..so yup..sat outside e hotel and waited for e guy to repair..meanwhile taking pics..well..for more info pls go to ping blog to see pics..hahs

so aft tt shopping..go cafe makan makan..den headed to watch youth 16 de match..anw before deir match they go dye their hair..spike like some famous star..kaos..first tym see player like this man..and shengzi go perm her hair-.-!!!
so they like v stylo went into da court to play match..den in da end lost..but in fact they can win de lo..sian..aimin cry like hell.tried to console her but failed..so yup..aft e match aiping v buay song cuz one girl diao her..dots-.-..and den headed back home

another is trip to wanli cemetry..before e match against unity

mornin headed to singapore den head to sch to register for simin transfer thingy..den her aunt send us to mrt station..aft tt cab to wanli cemetry to visit someone..den when we came out..saw alot of wild monkeys.din know aiping scared of wild monkeys..den she grab my hand..pinch and grap v hard la..kaos..den my hand red diao-.- ..aft tt kailing wanted to take one pic of those monkeys..den when shes taking..got one monkey followin behind her..she never notice dao den i ask her turn around..she saw e monkey and shout..and den act fierce to e monkey..den e monkey like wanna fight her lidat..and den she turn and run damn fast..me ping and simin laugh till bth..hahs..aft tt we head to sbc watch milo cup..to go makan makan at hawker..and den set of to geylang serai for match..din played well..sians..we can win de but i also duno wad e hell im playin..so yup aft e match headed off to sbc to watch hongkah play match..
aft e match talk to mao awhile and headed back home..
thats all for that day..

ytd got match..won but played badly..v sian eh..nowdays e match i don have e match/balling feeling..arghh!!

daddy-wei must jia u ar!if u dun haf e trust on urself den its difficult for coach to trust u okay..so if u wan coach u trust u,u better haf e faith on urself!i know u can do it and u urself know it too..its nt abt win or lose..its abt what u have learn and ur mistakes can u mend it not..continue to jia u kays!!u 24hrs anytym can be ur listener..enjoy ur game and clam down to play..u will get good results in da end(:

thats all for e post

chr girls jia u jia u!!!

i know that i care about you ... at 09:03

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