if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

14 December 2007

well just came back from work..recieve a mail which has my cousins pics..oh man..they v cute sia..the 3 brothers same face lidat-.-kinda miss them aft they have moved to sabah...

ytd night went to kuokuang court to lend bag to steph..den saw coach..i tot she buay song me sia..the face like bu shuang lidat..den aft tt she call me..complain abt e team..-.-..cause e team like slackin..aft tt she told me can come back to e team anytym..hais..i rly want to go back lo..but parent dun allow..siansation..den she say e team hope that i will come back durg e end of dec..but kinda difficult urh..aft e chat..e team ask me to stay..kinda abit touch dao by their words..but i still have to leave..hais

anw ahgong bday comin soon..but i duno wad date..they kept saying nov chu6 den i duno wad date sia..mayb gg back indo for 2 days?hahs..but i dun wanna go back sia..cuz e wave quite strong...not a good month to take boat..quite dangerous..and i rly super hate shaky boats..cause me to vomit like hell-.-

i know that i care about you ... at 13:30

` here.waiting ;