if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

18 December 2007

wenta work as usual..trying to prevent my right hand to carry things..but bobian..some need two hands to carry..so yup..tried to carry abit lo..but my hand buay tahan den i drop e basket..heng nth happen-.-..

well..mum b'day coming soon..baoling b'day also this sunday..
nex week damn busy..this sunday to nex sunday..gosh..
monday take family portrait,tuesday her bday..wed..me and sis plan surprise..thurs shopping with sis..friday and saturday celebrate dad and both mum b'day again.. gg singapore to have dinner at duno wad hotel..me,sis,anna sis,big bro,vincent kor kup money tgt..heard e price is 480..me and sis kup 170 i think..-.-

so i must pay 85 dollar..
i one day earn 5 ringgat..LOL
lidat i take 85x=170ringgat
gosh need to wait for 1 month plus to earn that much money..hahaha!!
nd plus e family portrait,mum b'day present..aiyo..mayb need 3 months to earn liaos..LOLOL!

well..shall stop here liao..gotta go rest..my hand hurt like siao-.-..hope it culd recover fast..

code:"not a single chance were given by u,whats all this?crap-.-"

i know that i care about you ... at 18:47

` here.waiting ;