if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

07 January 2008

k i realise sth..from sch reopens till now..i have been reaching home not later den 6pm,slping before 10.30pm and not slping in class..muahahaha!
k i noe too earli to happy abt this lurh..it may not last long..haha

sch now days were alright..oly few aa student in da class like to talk crap witout knowin wad they are actually talkin abt..so......no nidda care em so much lurhs..haven grow up mah..bobian..

been trying to pay 100% attention in da class nowdays..but i realise..for e 1st lesson i can,but 2nd lesson i cant..haha..so i may put 70% on every lesson now-.-"
anw mr tien begain to give a bad impression for our class..seems like history repeat on last yr..last yr is faidzul disturb..this yr one ahbeng disturb disturb..haha..but i still prefer faidzul nd amein disturb..they disturb ah tien always so funny one lo..lol

well,tmr trg..gonna be home late..so means that wednesday durg lesson will be tired..gosh..gonna buck up alot..
feel so great talking with xiaohaizi..haha
shes been acting cute thruout e whole conversation lo..haha
anw xiaohaizi,same goes to me,no matter how not cute u are..i will still love you..haha[--->touch right?]LOL!




i know that i care about you ... at 20:40

` here.waiting ;