if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

23 January 2008

my modem back in action..haha

k im still sick like dono wad ever shit..tmr aint gg to sch..gonna go have blood test to see wad stupid illness i have which cause me in such a pain..been havin fever from saturday mids till now..gg 4-5 days..heng i got join sports..if i never i think i will be dropping dead cans..monday and tues din attend sch..fever fever and fever..today went back to sch..drag my feet-.-..feelin so weak la..so mornin went sick bay rest...but sick bay v scary can..any moment any teacher will pop out and ask why i look so pale..i got shock twice when ms foo and mdm kan talk to me..xia si ren-.-
aft their mornin assembly went back class to have lesson,when teacher still insist me to stay in sick bay..haha..guai right?
went into class..they kept asking..u okay not,u playing ah?sure not?rest la?sure can tahan ma?..haha..these question kept repeating from their mouth can..v cute la em..i was like chatting for 2 hrs till 10am reach den went down to prepare..den blahsblahs..wait for bus v long aft tt reach sbc,warm up..nd i can feel that my brain pumping in my skull everyonce i cough..jitao e pain wont kill me..match starts..startin went smoothly..but aft that got some mistakes..but nevermind..u all did SUPERSUPER WELL!!

match ended with e result of we lost 6 pts..but im stil happy..they din give up can!!and those din went down to play..u all also did a great job supporting..omg..overall...im very touch sia..i duno y-.-"

lets jia u jia u on our NZ we can de!i will recover fast fast and lets fight hard for e title tgt!!!(:

k i buaytahan alr..gtg ciaos..blog agn when i recover

i know that i care about you ... at 20:52

` here.waiting ;