if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

17 January 2008

today was still a tirin day for me-.-

let me recall abt today..erm..ss like nth lidat,den eng cher scold scold scold-.-..poa also like nth..den chi v irritating sia..cher and student quarrel..den i buaytahan go scold timothy ask him shut up..bio also like alright alright..

aft sch stayed back in class to help up class decor..den willy disturb disturb agn..-.-..aft that left class ard 2.40..head down to canteen prepare for trg..ran 20mins den 5 movement..as usual lurhs..today trg like no trg lidat..kaos..tot finally one day trg for b div girls..hu noe c div boys also joinin..den coach also come late..arghh..everytym trg ive been leavin at 5.15pm..i din train much one formation..kinda pek cek also..sian ah

aft trg rush to custom..bus came just on tym..was talkin with aiting kuochen and his 2 frens..got this lill boy sitting beside me..i think he oly pri 1..he damn cute and funny la..keep askin me weird question..den i anyhow reply he also believe..haha..aft tt i kept disturbin him..den aiting say i big bully-.-..wahlao whr got sia..aft that change sch bus,den saw another lill boy..he damn weird..say now is yr 2009..tmr will be 2010 den he can graduate..jitao he not oly pri one nia..haha..

nowdays kids are so cute and weird also..joshua also another funny boy..haha

i know that i care about you ... at 20:38

` here.waiting ;