if i never see your face again ...
then i will find you and love you once more
time after time

12 February 2008

its been a exhausted day for me today..had 3 sub test.ss,eng and math class test..for ss and eng test hopefully i can score well urh..was damn tired durg e test and i almost fall asleep halfway when im doing e paper..i duno why im still so tired when previous night i slpt at 8.30pm and woke up at 6 plus?
call eje just now and chat..she asked me isit that im very tired cause of my sound and she also said that my sound turn very girl when im tired...haha
weizhen,brenda and anita alr say my sound very girl den cant regonise..den now plus another eje..-.-"...some of da conversation was very crappy..esp this can-.-
she :you very tired ah?
me :yah..duno why lo,last night i slpt at 8 plus den now im still tired la..
she :i think i know why..
me:rly ah?why?(i tot she rly knows why and gonna explain to me by some science facts or wad cause shes kinda good in science)..
she:because you are pig wad
me:DIAO!ni hen lame leh..
both of us starts to laugh tgt..
she:eh den nex week go Qway must buy 2 pairs of shoe leh
me:why?(i tot she want me to buy one pair for her)
she:because pig got four legs wad
me:eh u study in U den study till too stress alr right?u tonight very lame siah..
she:no la..cause its rare dat pig could talk on da fone with me mah..kind of high you know..
me:walao..irritating you-.-
aft tt i changed topic to prevent her saying me pig again-.-

shes been so crappy now adays..haha..
well kinda vexed now..not abt e common test but abt shld i go coach hse on sunday?go eje cell grp nex week?stay over at her hse?nd shld i go on mays chalet?so many things to consider..killin my brain cells~
ahhhh..think shall stop here..tired again..nd lastly!i must score well for my CT!

labels:this time,its not about me..but you

i know that i care about you ... at 21:34

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